Research on Acupuncture For Treatment Of Stroke

Research on Acupuncture For Treatment Of Stroke - some people think acupuncture is a healing method that is safe and natural while others think it is weird.

The truth is acupuncture has been used since around thousands of years but only recently evaluated for medical conditions by standard used in Western medicine.

"Acupuncture For Treatment Of Stroke" 

What should I know before undergoing acupuncture?

A stroke can cause severe side effects so that patients often find every option that allows to maximize the neurological recovery.

Acupuncture is one of the alternative treatment methods are tested most of the sufferers of stroke.

Most doctors are not so understanding the treatment of stroke with acupuncture and what is its impact on neurological function, so you may not be able to get acupuncture recommendations from your doctor. The best way to start your search than by asking your doctor, is to ask for recommendations on expert physical therapy or speech therapy, to point you in the right direction.

How acupuncture treatment research results for a stroke?

For the problem of difficulty in swallowing

Post stroke, difficulty swallowing can become a problem and could even cause choking, that might be dangerous. So far, rehabilitation and physical therapy for muscle problems in swallowing caused by strokes is not completely effective. However, a study ever undertaken, involving 120 stroke sufferers with problems swallowing, and then compare between patients receiving therapy for swallowing and ingesting training patients receiving acupuncture at once.

The group doing the devour coupled with therapy of acupuncture's value was significantly better than the group that received only therapy without acupuncture. There are no recorded side effects in the group who underwent acupuncture.

This means if you have a problem swallowing that does not recover after a stroke, acupuncture may be safe and is an option that can help you.

For spastisitas/muscle stiffness

Spastisitas is the type of muscle stiffness that occurs in post stroke. Some of the research have been evaluating acupuncture for the treatment of post stroke spastisitas. The results are published in the January edition of the journal 2015 shows that acupuncture is compared to usual treatment or sham acupuncture (acupuncture which deliberately injected in the wrong place for research purposes) have significantly lower spastisitas post stroke, especially on the wrists, knees and elbows.

Healing post stroke

An article published in March in the journal Acupuncture Treatment by 2015 to evaluate the effects of acupuncture in stroke recovery. The authors of the article concluded that overall, acupuncture appears to benefit, but because not all of the experiments have the same quality, they are not convinced that acupuncture is beneficial for stroke sufferers.

So far, there is no evidence that acupuncture helps prevent stroke or help reduce the area damage from ischemic strokes to the brain. However, some high-quality experiments evaluating the special effects of acupuncture on the ability to swallow and spastisitas post stroke looks promising.

What should I know about stroke and acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a type of treatment that uses special needles East, which is injected into the target area on the body to relieve symptoms and disease. Some of the consequences of a stroke may indeed increase with the acupuncture.

If you choose to try acupuncture therapy for the symptoms of a stroke You, be sure to tell your doctor. Get references and make sure that Your certified acupuncture expert and experienced.